Monday, October 04, 2004

Great Weekend, but not many photos to show.

This was a great weekend, although I didn’t get a lot of photos taken. There is a new Mexican place in town and they had a mariachi band Friday night. The food was ok but left us both kind of queasy feeling.
Saturday morning we got up early and went to Santuck. For those of you that don’t know Santuck is a big flea-market sort of thing that they have in a cow field in Santuck, Alabama on the first Saturday of each month. Ileya got to go this time, and she was rather popular. A lot of people wanted to pet her and a few jumped back into vendor’s booths in fear when they saw her coming. Some people are so stupid; you can look into the dog’s eyes and see that the biggest thing you have nothing to fear. I did joke with Mary saying next time she goes there I am having a doggie t-shirt made that reads “My name is Ileya. I am a Great Dane. Yes I am friendly. I love cheese.” There is a booth there that people from a dairy farm have, and they sell homemade cheeses and fresh-churned butter and similar items. Ileya, being a big fan of cheese got real happy and started salivating when she got a few free samples and a lot of laughs from onlookers. Had to work a football game Saturday night, but I shot well. After the game we went to Chris Renegar’s wedding reception, but it was about over when we got there. Billy shot the wedding; I’ll get a photo from him and post it soon.
Sunday I rode and Mary ran. I’ll get a ride photo up later.


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