Friday, March 18, 2005

Stupid #@%&! Stick!

This is my old rear derailleur. The second ride with my new frame was it’s last. I was cruising through the Tuskegee Forest on the Pleasant Hill Trail when a branch from a downed pine tree got stuck in my rear wheel. I stopped, looked back and kicked the branch out, or so I thought. When I put my foot back on the pedal I kinda kicked it and took off quickly. The bike traveled 3 feet and stopped abruptly; I unclipped and slammed forward into the bars. When I looked back the chain tensioner was wrapped around a stick. Even the hanger was bent. I managed to get it rideable, but only in one cog. I still rode on and finished my ride, but it really ticked me off as I was just starting to get used to the new frame and full suspension. I already fixed it, and hope to ride again soon. This weekend I’ll be on the road bike though. Posted by Hello


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