Friday, March 18, 2005

The New Ride

I finally finished putting the new bike together. It is different from the hardtail, but I like it better and after I get used to it and learn how to get the pressure in the shock right I am going to like it. So far I have only had two rides. On the first one I went over the bars crossing a log. The rear end is different and it sort of hung up. On the second ride I destroyed the rear derailleur, as is mentioned in the post below. ItÂ’s ready to ride again, but this weekend I will be on the road bike and probably not have time for the trail. Daylight savings is almost here though, and I will be riding it a lot then. There are not too many ways I can think of that are better to end a day than a mountain bike ride. Set out on the trail 45 minutes before dark and finish the ride with the lights, yeah!
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At 11:46 AM, Anonymous mcd said...

Phat ride, no doubt


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