Monday, December 13, 2004

Hey man, take my picture!

This past Saturday ASU defeated Southern University to win the Southwestern Conference Finals, ending the best season they have had since 1991. After all the celebration was over and the stadium and field were cleared one of our coaches said, "hey man, let me get one of you." It kind of nice to be in a photo after shooting so many of everyone else. Anyhow, there it is. I have been working so much that I have not had anytime to shoot any of the personal life. Posted by Hello

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Thinh's Blog

This is my friend Thinh, at his farewell party before moving to Washington. He is the guy that got me started with whole blog thing, and he has this hit/stat counter that tracks people hitting his blog from all over the place. So anyhow, he was tracking all the hits the other day, and I thought it would be cool to see how many different IPs hit him after I post this:

So go check it out!
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Monday, December 06, 2004

38 Years Old!

Well I made it to the age of 38. The above photo is my birthday card from Mary, I think it's the funniest card I have ever gotten. It really cracked me up, she's great!Posted by Hello

Robbie McIver's birthday is December 3rd, mine is the 5th. So we got together on the fourth, it was a lot of fun. Saw several friends that have not seen each other in a long time.
Group photo at 2:00 AM or something, from l-r: Hunter, Robbie, Stephanie, Me, and Billy. Posted by Hello

The Canon boys, Robbie and Sam. Posted by Hello

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Back to Bloggin

I have not had the time to post much lately as the past couple weeks have been consumed with work. ASU's Turkeyday Classic is now over though and things should get back to normal. Two weekends ago, I had the weekend off, and knowing that I would not have another weekend until the Xmas break I figured it was time to travel! So Mary and I went to New Orleans for a night, and then stopped by Dauphine Island to watch the sunset on the way home. I shot film, so I am just now getting it processed and scanned. There are also 3 new photos posted from the fair, they were from a roll of film that I left in my little Minox.
Hopefully more will come in the days ahead!

The beach on Dauphine Island. It was a nice place to watch the sun go down, a great little side trip on the way home from New Orleans. Posted by Hello

This is in one of the tunnels in the old fort on Dauphine Island. Posted by Hello

The Preservation Hall Jazz Band. Posted by Hello

Some stuff in a store window in the French Quarter. Posted by Hello

This is one from our recent camping trip in the Talledega forest. Posted by Hello

The merry-go-round. I shot these with my little Minox camera, I love that thing! Posted by Hello

We spent 10 bucks here to win around 50 cents worth of goldfish, but it was fun. Two of the fish are still alive in my porch pond. Posted by Hello

One of the rip-off games at the fair. Posted by Hello