Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Picnic in the Park

It was amazingly warm this weekend in Alabama. Perhaps things are not going well as our global environment warms, but it was still nice to take a nap on a blanket in Keisal Park Sunday. We also played Frisbee and had cheese and crackers.

Thinh came to town

This past weekend we got to see Thinh. He used to live in Montgomery, but a few years ago left Alabama for Washington State and Becky. He married Becky and they recently relocated to Atlanta. Thinh keeps a rather entertaining blog, located here. We went to hear Chuck Brodsky at the Unitarian Church in Auburn, they have a cool concert series called Sundilla, I think we will see future concerts there.
Pictured are Mary, Kim(Thinh's sister in law), Becky(Thinh's wife) , Thinh and yours truly. Photo by some guy that walked in.

The Ring

I am posting this so some family members and friends that wanted to see Mary's ring but have not could see it.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Trip to Columbus, Ohio

Mary and I went to Columbus for the weekend to celebrate her 40th birthday. I love the way this image was rendered in Infrared. I am wearing a black hat!

Happy Birthday Matt and Mary!

Well it's official, Mary turned 40. That's her twin brother Matt on the left. We also went to a Mexican restaurant, check back for some video.

I got to have lunch with my old room-mate David Planchet while I was in town, he's doing well. It was great to see you again man.
This place was on the street where we stopped to have lunch. I know nothing of it's history, other than it sits next to The Garden Church and across the street from The Garden Sex Shop. Made for a cool infrared photo anyhow.

Worthington Skatepark

I got to skate this place for a bit while in Ohio. It's a free park, has two five foot bowls and a street area. One bowl is tight and the other is large, but they have a slight uphill slant and it's a lot of work to keep any kind of decent speed in there. I assume they slanted them like that for drainage since it's right next to a river and probably would drain well if they put a drainage system underneath.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Years Hike at CRATA trails

Latest Creation

This is my latest board and first longboard. I made it for Mike as a Christmas present. It's all Canadian Maple, 7-plys and 40" long with a 30" wheelbase. There is a moderate concave and a very little bit of camber, it has real nice flex. I set it up with Randal 180s, stock bushings with flat washers. The wheels are Abec 11 Noschoolz, 65mm and 80A durometer.
It's painted white, and the stripes are red and blue metalflake paint with silver pinstripes and flame-stripes from the autoparts store. I put 6-7 coats of polyurethane on it, wet sanding between the final ones.