Monday, August 29, 2005

Tripod the Dog

This beautiful girl is named Tripod and is currently living in a Vet Clinic here in Alabama. She was brought in after being hit by a car, and was scheduled to be euthanized as no owners could be located and there were no funds to help her. She managed to charm the right people though and survived surgery, though she lost her right front leg. She still gets around just fine, she can hop her up and down stairs and is rather happy and lovable.
She is in need of a home however. At the moment she is being harbored by a group of Veterinary students. She is housebroken and gets along with cats, her approximate age is around 7 years. If you would be interested in taking her in email me at and I'll send you the details.
Believe me, she is very cute, lovable and well-mannered.

New camera and a hurricane

I got a two new tools at work last week, a Nikon D2X and a lens. I shot this coming in to work this morning as Katrina's cloud system is rolling over.

Surf and Turf

This was our fine meal of the week, I will write more about it later.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Late-Afternoon Bike Ride

Self-portrait while cycling last night. I had a late ride, didn't get started until around 6:00. I shot this while riding down Ray Thorington Rd., the sun was setting behind me but the sky over exposed so you can't tell. The flash was on, and I had intended for it to expose for the sky and light me with the flash. Oh well, it was a fun ride and the sunset in the country was beautiful, couldn't ask for more.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Wallahatchie Road Bike Ride

Sunday my friend David Bundy and I went for a road ride. Bundy has a brand new red Giant. This is on Wallahatchie Rd. in Pike Road, Alabama, it is a very scenic area.

Saturday Afternoon Skate

Saturday afternoon I drove to the Factory Skatepark in Newnan, Ga. Here is a hand-held fisheye lens video tour of the 6' deep wooden bowl there.

Stupid #@%&! Flat Tire!

This past weekend I planned to get out and exercise as much as I could. I was going on a 50+ mile road ride Saturday morning, and had a flat 1.4 miles into it. Not usually a problem as I carry spare tubes and tools, etc. But this time my tire inflater busted when I attempted to inflate the tire. I walked halfway back to my car until a guy came along and let me borrow his inflater. It really sucked though as I was looking forward to that ride.

This is a toad, one of many living in Mary's driveway. I shot the photo of him last Thursday night. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Beef Noodle Soup

I am posting this photo with my buddy Thinh Nguyen in mind. He commented the other day that threads on his blog always turn to food, so I thought I'd get this one started. Cooking is one of my favorite hobbies, and this is my latest kick. I will post my recipe(still under development) in the comments section later. Perhaps I'll get some of Thinh's recipes in return.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Rain Rain Rain

It has been raining at least every other day for the past 2 weeks. I was planning to ride bikes or skate after work tonight, but things are going to be too wet. So it looks like I'm either running at the park or riding my trainer in the house. I did get this photo the other day on the way back from lunch though, I am adding it to a collection that I am going to build of photos featuring the ASU logo or name on various objects and places.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Eggplant Pizza

This weekend was mostly consumed by work, so we didn't get out and do anything. Mary did make a great meal though, it was a skillet-baked eggplant-parmesan pizza. Mmmmmm.

Friday, August 12, 2005

What a pretty face!

When I attended the UPAA workshop and technical symposium last month one of the assignments we had was to draw names and shoot portraits if each other. The only catch was they had to be creative somehow, not the typical mugshot. This was the one of me, it was shot by a guy named Blaise MacMullin, who is the photographer for Athabasca University in Alberta. He emailed it to me today, I have to admit I really like it! It is my reflection in the bus driver's mirror at the front of a bus.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Montgomery Skatepark, Monday Night

The two images above are video grabs from Monday night at the Montgomery Skatepark. I had lost my fisheye attachment for the little Canon, sure is fun to have it back. For a video skating around the park, click here. During the video I took a couple turns away from the ramps I was heading for because there was a young man there that never looked before he rode into the area. I sure am glad I can still do this at my age, it's a ton of fun and great exercise.

The Spikus Man

Close-up photo of my boy Spike. I shot this with a 200mm lens at 1/5 of a second exposure. It's the only sharp one out of about 15 shots.

Bike Ride With Adam and Shawn

These 2 guys are Mary's nephews Shawn and Adam. We went for a bike ride on in Tuskegee National Forest a couple weeks ago, click here to watch the video.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

New Board!

As I have recently been skating again, and I enjoy working with wood I decided to build myself a new board. I wanted an 80s style board as I really have never felt comfortable on the "new school" style decks. While I was at it I also made a board for Mary's nephew Adam as his 12th birthday just rolled around. I ordered an uncut blank from Eastbilt manufacturing and this is the results. The first photo is a shot of the blank, the design is traced out and it's ready to cut.

This is the cutout board, ready to be sanded and finished.

Photo #3 shows both mine and Adam's boards after the final coat of polyurethane was applied. His is the one in the back; it is a more modern shape.

This is the finished product, ready to ride!  Posted by Picasa