Monday, January 31, 2005

Sunday Rider

Sunday I rode around Auburn. I started at Mary's and rode down Wire Road a little ways, then took some side roads that led me to the bike trail and Chewacla Park. From there I rode various roads and wound up downtown. This is in somewhere in the neighborhoods as I was coming into town. It was cold but a nice day for a ride nonetheless. Posted by Hello

Toe Socks??????????

This weekend Mary bought a pair of Toe Socks. I have never seen nor heard of these things before! They are the funniest looking things, but the more I thought about it the more they sound comfortable. Have any of you ever worn or seen these things before? She bought them because she has had trouble with a blister on one of her toes while running and they are supposed to take care of that. As I mentioned in an earlier post she is training for a marathon.

Ice Baby!

Late Friday night we had an ice storm. When we awoke Saturday morning the trees and other things were incased in ice. While this may not seem like much to those of you living in Washington and other northern environments, for those of us in the south it was just beautiful. Mary and I took Ileya to Keisal Park to walk and take in the sights. The trees were full of white crystalline ice and the ground crunched under our feet. Of course there were several braches down, and I am sure a few trees were lost as well but this is a sight we only see every few years in the south.
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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Running For Cancer Research

Mary is going to run a marathon in Febuary in order to raise funds for cancer research. The text below is part of an email she sent out. If anyone reading this would like to donate please follow the link to her site.

I initially decided to run this marathon with the veterinarians from
the Oncology Department here at Auburn University'a College of
Veterinary Medicine to honor the passing of a colleague's family member
to a blood cancer. It became even more personal with Sylvia's bout with
cancer and how important it is to support ongoing research for a cure.

Please visit my website, and even if you are unable to donate, pass
prayers and good thoughts along for all our loved ones and those unknown
battling cancer.


Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Peavine Falls, MLK weekend

I haven’t posted much lately, but I really have not taken many photos. Yesterday was Dr. King's B-day and being that both Mary and I had Monday off we decided to get out of town a little. We didn’t go very far, but did manage to get to Birmingham and a couple places in North Alabama. The photo is from Peavine Falls at Oak Mountain State Park in Birmingham. We stayed there Saturday night and went to The Mountaintop Flea Market in Attala the next day. That place is great; it’s a big outdoor market way out in the country with all kinds of junk. It was a blast walking Ileya around, everyone had some sort of comment or question about her. I hopefully will develop some of the film (yea, film is still being made) I have been shooting and scan and post some stuff soon.
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Toomer's Corner, the only place that I know of where you can legally TP a tree.

This photo was taken a couple weeks ago, January 4 to be exact. This is Toomer's corner in Auburn, the night that AU won the Sugar Bowl. It's an old tradition there that they TP the trees at this corner after a big win. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

No Photos this week.

This past Friday was Mary’s birthday. There are no photos to post as I didn’t get around to taking any, but I invited a bunch of her friends from the vet school and some of my friends for a party and we had a good time. I will try and get some other photos on the blog soon.

Monday, January 03, 2005

New Years Trip

For New Years we rented a cabin in the smokies. It was an awesome place with a hot tub and a deck looking out over a valley. We were joined by Billy and Steve and Ramona. We had great food and drinks, I couldn't think of a better place to usher in a New Year. We hope this is what we do next year also, so everyone make plans to join us!
I woke early one morning and went out to shoot when the light was nice. I got a late start and didn't pursue it very hard, but found this nice stream along the roadside. Posted by Hello

Cades Cove, January 1st, 2005

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Pasture where we watched the suset over Cades Cove.  Posted by Hello

American Gothic, Part Two

New Years Day we rode to Cades Cove, but decided to walk the nature trail as traffic was too heavy to drive through. Photo by Billy. Posted by Hello

Rafter Gymnastics

Ramona and Mary climbed the rafters in the cabin.

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Scotch, Martinis and Beers, oh My! Posted by Hello

American Gothic, Part One

We found this old rake hanging on the wall in the cabin, it made a nice prop for our porch photo. Posted by Hello

Rainbow Falls hike.

Our first day in the Smokies we hiked to Rainbow Falls. This is a point on the trail up. It was a nice hike, we encountered some very tame deer and the falls were beautiful. I used film to take pictures of the falls and the deer, so those will come at a later date. From left to right, Billy, Me, Mary, Ramona and Steve. Posted by Hello