Monday, September 26, 2005

My favorite links

Well my little camera has broken. I dropped it and that is the reason for the lack of photos to post this week.

My buddy McDowell keeps up a very cool blog with lot's of links and other interesting things, so I thought I'd put up a couple of my favorite things.

This site was put up by a guy named Ken Kifer. He was a cyclist who was killed by a drunk driver while riding a couple years ago, it makes for some interesting reading.

This is a site put up by some guys that built a Human-Powered Hummer.

This is a page full of funny photos related to bicyling.

I'll come up with more at a later date.

Funny Ads

I saw these ads this morning and it cracked me up. They are ads for the Utah State Fair.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Thinh's Wedding

This past Saturday my buddy Thinh Nguyen married his new wife Becky in Spokane, WA. I couldn't make the trip but did manage to get a couple photos from Thinh's friend Karen. The happy couple is now honeymooning in Hawaii. Congratulations Thinh!

Monday, September 12, 2005

City of Atlanta

This weekend Mary and I went to Atlanta, she was there for a Vet conference, I used a vacation day. We went out to eat and visited Fernbank, Little Five Points, Piedmont Park, Lenox Mall and some other places. I went skating while she had to work during the mornings. Posted by Picasa

Discover Mills Skatepark

This is a still grab from my video at Discover Mills Skatepark(formerly ESPN Zone Skatepark) in GA. Video to be posted later.

Pinckneyville Park

This is Pinckneyville Park in Atlanta. I was dissapointed with it. Someone told me there was an eight foot bowl there, but it was more like a round ditch. Granted had it existed in the 1980s I would have driven to Atlanta just to skate it, but with all the other parks that are now around this just isn't my thing, so I rode it for a little while and went on to Discover Mills park.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Tuesday Night Ride

Tuesday night I went for a post-work ride with Bundy. We rode until things were just about dark. Posted by Picasa

Labor Day

On Labor Day Mary and I went for a ride in Pike Road Alabama. The weather was great, things are starting to finally cool off a little bit. Posted by Picasa

Work stuff

Things are back up and busy at work. Got this shot of ASU's QB this past Saturday, the new camera kicks butt.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Santuary Skatepark, B-ham

I had to work in Birmingham last weekend for the SWAC-MEAC football game and events. I was super-busy up there, but on Friday I got a 4-hour break in between events. Most people would have gone back to the room to rest, but The Sheraton is a place that drives me nuts and this is how I get my rest anyhow. The park is Sanctuary Skate Park in Vestavia Hills, it is a small but fun place with a cool 6' ramp. My video is here. I put it together with Windows Movie Maker, the quality will improve after I learn some Premiere stuff.