Monday, March 10, 2008

New Photos

I shot a few more photos to test out the new camera yesterday. This one was lit with the on-camera flash.
Edgar and Mary relaxing after a long day of gardening and digging in the yard.
Setup a Sunpack 120J on barebulb to light this one. The camera performs best at low ISO settings for sure.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

New Camera, Nasty Veggies

I got a new camera(thanks Mary!) for our upcoming trip to Italy. It's a Canon G9, I've been eying them for a while.
This is the first photo I've taken with it, not counting a couple photos of Edgar's nose last night. The plants are broccoli growing in our garden. I titled the post "nasty veggies" because I really don't like the taste of broccoli at all. But it's damn good for you, so I eat it anyway.
So far the camera seems to work rather well, I will put it to a bigger test in days to come.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Project Complete

I have finished and installed our new wine cabinet now. Well, sorta. I am going to hae to remove it and sand down the bottom a bit because it's a tight fit and doesn't line up just right. I still need to glue the copper backsplash on the side also, it's just sitting there in the photo. On the other side we are glueing wine corks until it is covered. I had saved two big fat bags of them over the past several years, but they seem to have bee lost in moving. The ones mounted on teh cabinet are ones Mary had saved in the past couple years. At current rate this side ofthe cabinet will be complete in 5 more years.