Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Recently the air has been very smoky here as a result of the wildfires in Georgia. Saturday morning there was a fire in Elmore county and west winds blew a bunch of smoke into our area. The above photo was taken with my infrared camera in Macon County, I think the IR actually cut through the smoke and it looks clearer than it did.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Creepy Crawly

This little guy was crawling around my car as I left for work yesterday. He is a wolf spider,
species of Lycosa in the family Lycosidae. These things are all over the yard and in my shop, but it turns out they are harmless and will actually lower our bug problem.

Monday, May 21, 2007


Saturday Mary and I planted a garden. We are growing tomatoes, squash, hot peppers, onions, watermelon and corn so far. Sweet potatoes and other things will go in the ground soon.
We still don't have a lawn mower that works.
I am really tired of moving stuff.

The pool is up and running now, but the water is really cold. Another week or two and it is going to be a blast though.

This is an infrared photo of the front of the house, still need to shoot a color one.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

We are homeowners!

After a lot of waiting and paperwork Mary and I have finally bought a house. At the present I don't have a good photo of the actual house, so I'm posting a photo of the barn which is to be my domain. The right side is a set of horse stalls and the left is a carport. I plan to convert them into usable space so look forward to some barn parties.
This is my workshop in the center of the barn. Power receptacles all the way around and lots of space for storage, I can't wait to get it setup.
Also, there will be a halfpipe going up this summer and I can shoot guns in the backyard. Busted off a half a box of .38 special rounds last night!We also have an above ground pool. It's not too much of a pool and needs a new pump, but that is going to be fixed asap.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

No time lately....

Have not updated the blog for a bit. I have been too busy! I have some great video from bombing hills with Mike and the boys in Atlanta, but I am having trouble getting to load on the computer(I'm a still shooter, video makes me nuts).

Mary and I are buying a house. They tell us we will be ready to close any day now, but we've been hearing that for a bit. more will come on that when it happens.

Last weekend was the pro bowl contest in Alabaster. Steve Steadham, Lance Mountain and Christian Hosoi were all there from back in the day and I got to shoot photos of them, it was KICKASS! I got to see a lot of the pros skate back then but Saturday I was sitting at the coping with a camera in hand. Coolest assignment I ever got, I'd rather shoot a pro skate contest than any other pro(or ncaa) sport.