Thursday, December 15, 2005

Things have been busy!

I got an email from my old friend Daniel today saying the blog needs some updates, so here you go. Things have been rather busy with my job and I have not had a lot of time for this site the past few weeks. Here at ASU we had homecoming on Thanksgiving, then the 50th anniversary of the bus boycott followed. My birthday was last week, I am now in the last year of my thirties. I got to spend 13 hours working on the day of my birthday, but I am not only thankful to have a job but I have one I really enjoy(they pay me to take pictures of stuff, yeah). Saturday before my birthday Mary took me out to dinner for a nice meal, and she bought me a new toolbox. The toolbox is great! It's one of those steel cabinet types with drawers. I have tools all over everywhere, this thing is going to be a godsend when I get it setup.
Anyhow, being 39 years old doesn't feel as ancient as I would have thought it to be a few years ago. I feel so lucky, I have a great job, a wonderful girlfriend, a really cool place, my own gym, 4 bicycles, a bunch of cameras and skateboards and almost everything else I want in life. Although I can't bend down as much as I did when I was 21 I can still ride a skateboard so that makes me feel as though I am living life larger than most. The next year tends to be promising also, there are some great things on the horizon.

I do want to keep this blog up. I love seeing the ones you guys keep going. The one thing I really miss is seeing all my old friends though. I have not had a gathering at my place since Mary's birthday party last year, and that was in January. So let me say to Daniel, Thinh, McDowell, Planchet, Steve and anyone else I forgot if you are coming to town during the holidays please call and let me know. I know we all have family stuff going on but it sure would be great to get together for a couple beers. I got some Christmas cards in the mail this year, it was good to hear from those that sent them. Maybe next year I'll do the same. Is that a sign of old age coming?

Skateboarding in Georgia

This is a clip taken with my little Canon camera when I went skating a few weeks ago.

This is Mary and I having dinner at Johnny Carino's a month or so ago.  Posted by Picasa

Magic City Classic trip, 10-30-2005

This is an old photo here, it was taken the weekend of ASU's Magic City Classic. The guy drinking with me is Tim, he writes the stories for ASU. We were at this place where they had some sort of Alumni Pep-rally thing. We worked a hell of a lot of hours over that weekend! I created slide shows, one can be viewed here.